Meet Donna M. Fitzgerald

I was born in and raised in the South, need I say more!  I have called Anderson, South Carolina home my whole life.  Life in a small town is just that.  Southerners never meet a stranger.

For years my writing took a backseat, making way for my role as a wife, mom, and career woman.  Although my manuscript sat on a shelf gathering dust, there was always a longing each time I picked up a new book to read to complete my own.  When I was twenty I began writing my first novel.  I wanted  to be the kind of author of the books that I loved to read.  You know those with the wonderful happily ever after in the life among the living so to speak.  In a setting where almost everything is sunshine and roses, except for the conflict between the hero and heroine.  I still love to read these books and do so often. 

In 2007, the opportunity presented itself for me to stay home and try my hand at writing my first book but by this time however a lot had changed in my seemingly perfect fairytale life.  I had lost three of the most important people in my life and for that reason I think I began looking at my old manuscript from years ago and the question that burned in my mind was "what is the other side of the rosey story I was creating?"  With the loss of my loved ones, the normal life didn't seem  so normal to me anymore.  I wanted to create a world where my hero and heroine never knew the heartbreak of losing someone that they loved and cherished to death.I knew my writing style was about to take a drastic change, one that excited me more than I realized.  A chance to build a world and characters out of my curiousity of the unknown and the loss of the ones that I loved.  My leap into this wonderful world of "what if" has lead me down a path of make believe I would not change for anything. 

I am proud to say I am a paranormal writer.  Although I say that now, there was a time when I wasn't sure what my writing genre was.  

I should also say that paranormal is not new to me.  I have loved it since my daddy took me to my first vampire movie at the impressionable age of twelve.  I now write about what has always facinated me the most and I feel that after all of these years of not quite being able to finish the manuscript I started long ago I know the reason why.  I firmly believe that sometimes you try to write one thing when your heart truly wants to write another.  So here I am years after starting this journey and it seems I've come full circle.  Writing paranormal for me has become my way of creating that happily ever after ending true life sometimes can't offer.

I now write about what I love and facinates me the most.  In my novels you will find a world where eternity is not a death sentence but an adventure and opportunity to to take life and live it to the fullest.  In my world of immortals there is plenty of humor, suspense, mystery but most of all the one thing I love most in a great story, a love that can and does stand the test of time.

In this blog I hope you come to love my characters and storylines as much as I have loved creating them.  Visit often and see the wonderful and exciting things going on in the paranormal world of The Glass Coffin.

                               Love and Hugs,
                          Donna M. Fitzgerald

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