Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Welcome to our first novice writer interview!!!! Today I have composed a few questions for writer Donna Fitzgerald to answer for us so that we can get to know a little about her and her style.

So let’s get this party started!!!

1) If you could write a blurb starring you, how would it read?

A. Donna Fitzgerald may look like the five foot petite blonde Southern Belle but sometimes looks can be deceiving! With a tongue that can cut you to shreds one minute and make you forget she ever insulted you the next. It will be so quick you’ll wonder if it were an insult or if she just handed you a compliment!

If you don’t want her honest opinion then for heaven’s sake don’t ask! Despite the fiery temper that can be ignited if she is wronged, her unconditional love and gentleness will almost always give you the benefit of the doubt.

She strives to give it her all no matter the situation, whether it’s loving, writing or just living life. Once her mind is made up she will take the journey to accomplish whatever she set out to do!

2) What three words would you use to describe your writers’ voice?

A. Wit, Heart and Guts.

3) Tell us a little about your WIP. What kind of word count are you aiming for?

A. Word count to me is just a number. To me it’s over when all the twists and turns have been wrapped up to form that bow of Happily Ever After.

4) Can you tell us what genre you write? How did you choose that genre or did it choose you?

A. I knew Talina would try and get me on this one! As of right now it’s still up for debate in almost every chat we have! And just to give you the honest truth, the genre definitely chose me.

5) What does your day normally look like? How do you fit in writing with everything else you have to do?

A. I get up and take Jacob to school around 7:30 a.m, Come home and straighten the house, and start up the computer. I write off and on until bedtime taking time out for cooking dinner, laundry picking up Jacob and family time until I fall into bed and get ready to do it all again!

6) IS there anything that you have found out about your writing process that you would like to share with us today?

A. For me it’s listening to your heart. Don’t worry when you sit down to write and the chapter takes a turn that you didn’t see coming. That to me is when the magic happens. Sometimes music can be your best inspiration. And lastly writing is not easy but if you truly love your story enough that you cry and laugh in all the right places at the end of the day you’ve done what you set out to do and that’s makes someone feel good even if at this early point in your writing its yourself. At the end of your manuscript being happy with the story you tell is what’s makes the journey worthwhile.

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  1. Oh, man! I loved going back to read this. We have come a long way in such a short time, Duckie. Tears and hard work have gone into our writing careers and now here we are ready to talk that last plunge into trying to get published for the first time. Submission is just right around the corner for us! Here's to us making it!!!



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