Monday, March 7, 2011


Okay, all you writer’s out there, please tell me if some of you can relate to this therapy session.
 I sit down at my keyboard. I have my current chapter along with all of its notes in front of me.  I pull up u-tube, because I am the type of writer that has to find the music that supports what I’m getting ready to write about.  A few minutes later, I put my ear buds in and turn up the volume.  I’m happy nothing can steer me off course; right? 
            My fingers are flying across the keys with the rhythm of the music and I can see my characters and their surroundings unfolding with each word I type-all the while thinking life of a writer is awesome.  I flip my notes and my typing speeds up as I reach the climax in the chapter which will unveil a tidbit of information the readers have been turning the pages to discover and that’s when it happens.  My carefully prepared notes no longer matter.  It’s the events that are now playing out in my head that become the chapter.
            I’m surprised and at that point and I almost stop typing and delete everything I have on the paper because it’s all wrong, it doesn’t fit-it’s not in the plan of my notes.   As I sit back and read what I have, I’ve already set myself up to be unhappy with the words because this is not what I had planned from the beginning.  I read through what I have written once, then a second time and I am blown away by the words that meant nothing to me a few minutes ago, but now have become part of my WIP-my notes pushed aside.  Although I never intended to make the twists and turns that I was surprised with while writing, I am glad that I do not limit myself or my imagination by following my pre-laid plan.
            I have learned that sometimes you have to put the notes that you’ve labored over for weeks away and just let the words come to you in the moment when you sit down to put it on paper, because its times like these you capture the magic of what writing is all about. 


  1. It definitely does happen to me as well. The same scenario, same feelings, and then the angst of veering of course. The fear of not following that path we have labored over. But one goes in hand with the other, does it not? Can we not, as writers, plot out our character's goals and still thrive when little or large plot twists hit us as we write? It's like having the cake and eating it too, right?

    Author Susan Mallery plots out every single chapter of her books before typing that first word. But she also allows some room for her characters to throw ideas and twists at her after she begins. I kinda like this method.

    How about you? Is it comforting to you to know that you have a road to follow if you get off course, but at the same time have the flexibility to allow some elbow room for all those surprises our very opinionated characters have?

    ~ :-) ~ Sincerely Me


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