Thursday, March 17, 2011


   I have had the misfortune for the last few days to have a migraine from hell as we call them here in the Fitzgerald house.  That means the windows in my bedroom have been blocked from all sunlight, the temperature in the house has been dropped down dramatically, I’m in my pajamas all drugged up and my husband has put his foot down and put me on lock down in our bedroom.  I’m too sick to fight him at this point so I settle in and try to sleep. 
There is only one problem, someone forgot to tell my muse he’s not supposed to breath my way much less talk to me.  He starts off quiet,… you know a quick whisper as to what he thinks he should be doing today.  When I refuse to give him my attention, he gets a little louder with his ‘request’.  I promise him if he will just give me an hour of sleep and when the roaring in my head stops, I’ll listen to him for as long as he wants.  I listen for some kind of response –nothing. AHH… I think I have managed to appease him.  NOT!
Next, I hear the sound of moving furniture in my brain as he is talking to me all at the same time.  I get up to grab a tablet and a pen.  My husband gives me that ‘what are you doing up’ look as I pass through the living room.  I shake my head as if to say don’t ask and head back to bed.
I write down the idea my muse has and think I have satisfied him, only to hear him whisper again a few minutes later. This is also about the time my husband -the warden- is doing his rounds and I’m caught writing on the tablet I got earlier.  He wants to know what I am doing awake and I sheepishly look at him and say, “honey it’s not my fault it’s the other man in my life that’s keeping me awake.”
 He doesn’t say another word as he closes the door to my cell quietly.  I think he remains silent because he knows he can only control my environment when I have a migraine, but when it comes to a muse on a mission it’s best to bow out gracefully and leave it to me no matter how bad my migraine is, because it’s better than having to deal with me once I’m well and my muse has gone into hiding thanks to my well meaning husband!

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